Must Have Boots in Your Closet

According to fashion experts, it should be a staple for every woman to have at least four kinds of boots. Why? Because, why not! There are four seasons in a year, and it would be dreadful to have just one in every season. It is not only for fashion purposes but of course; it is also beneficial to have appropriate footwear to protect your feet from harsh weather.

Here are the kinds of Womens Boots that you should grab now:

Low-Shaft Ankle Booties

Booties look so adorable almost in every outfit. You can actually wear this type of boots all-year-round and depending on the style that you want to portray. This type of boots can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans, summer dresses, or daisies shorts. Just make sure that the hem should skim the top of the shank of the boot. If your jeans are long, you can roll them with a tiny cuff. It would be best if you left about a half-inch between the bottom of the jean and the top of the boot. The look feels intentional and plays well with the studied casual vibe that a bootie and jean evoke.

Knee-High Boots

Don’t be too quick to judge that these shoes can only be worn during the cold seasons. This boots is also versatile if partnered with the right kind of dress. You might think that you cannot wear these babies during summer, you can totally wear this shoes with a short summer dress or shorts and a tank top.

Biker Boots

Biker boots have been a classic and staple in women’s wardrobes for many years now. Having at least one pair in your closet can be very useful. These shoes can modernize, rejuvenate and add an edgy note to any romantic and feminine outfits to add some punk. A pair of biker boots prove to be precious to rotate a bit all of our wardrobe workhorses – from skinny jeans to midi or maxi dresses, from winter shorts to boyfriend jeans.

Mid-Calf Boots

These boots are also to be considered as a must-have in your closet. Fashion experts say that this type of boots can complement any outfit – long skirts, skinny jeans, flare pants, flowing dresses, etc. – as long as it fits perfectly, making us comfortable and confident. Again, mid-calf boots are great with long skirts or dresses. Heavy heels complement long skirts and dresses perfectly while slouchy boots are best to bring those laid-back or Boho vibes when paired with long skirts or dresses. Just make sure you put a balanced look by wearing skirts or dresses in simple colors or patterns.